I help games companies navigate growth.

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What I do

I'm a life-long learner with a lot of experience running games and digital businesses. I don't fit neatly into any particular job title and have never really had a proper one. Mostly, I make it my mission to eliminate friction and make sure constant, visible progress is made.

The number one issue I help with my clients with is a frustration at lack of pace. If you're not getting where you feel your games business should be, perhaps I can help?

Here's a few things I've done in the past that I enjoy and can deliver rapid value against:

  • Strategy
  • Leadership
  • Growth planning/readiness
  • Marketing
  • Studio positioning
  • Comms & community
  • Coaching
  • Consultancy
  • Leadership development

Recent engagements

Fractional COO, Apparance

Scaling an exciting gametech startup. Helping this amazing procedural generation middleware reach new audiences.

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