Playing with Phaser 3

By heydanthomas on 24/08/2018

Phaser 3 Logo

Finding my feet in HTML5 gamedev with Phaser 3

I've played with HTML5 game engine Phaser a few times over the years. Never more than a few experiments but I've always enjoyed the process and found things relatively easy to get going and start being productive.

As of February this year, Phaser version 3 was released and I've been paying a bit more attention and learning what this new, ground-up rebuild has to offer. I'm finding it a lot of fun and can see a lot of potential for creating ubiquitous, browser-based 2D games.

A few quick experiments

What I'm really enjoying with Phaser 3, is how easy it is to throw ideas around with very little code required. Here's a handful of quick demos I've put together to show off how easy it can be to utilise some of the fun features on offer.


See the Pen Phaser 3 Arcade Physics by Dan (@DannyT) on CodePen.

Basic Arcade Physics demonstrating gravity, velocity and collision


See the Pen Phaser 3 Input by Dan (@DannyT) on CodePen.

Move your mouse/finger to see simple input detection


See the Pen VGvpPj by Dan (@DannyT) on CodePen.

Adding some quick effects with a couple of particle emitters

Getting started

These are silly little experiments but are quick to put together and play with. But we're barely scratching the surface of what's possible.

If you want to dive into Phaser 3, there's a great getting started tutorial on the main site for getting everything set up for local development. Then check out the making your first game tutorial. After that, it's well worth spending some time in the labs, checking out the source and hanging out on Slack/Discord.

Give me a follow on Twitter for more experiments coming soon.