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By admin on 20/12/2016

Falling behind on my blogging challenge

I've been trying to catch up a slipped day for a few days now and today have drawn a total blank. The blogging pot has seemingly boiled dry. Rather than give up and slip to two days, I figured I'd write up my thoughts on the process so far.

Things got off to a fairly decent start, I had a lot of enthusiasm, managed to find the time and had a backlog of mostly-written posts I could fall back on when time was short. Unfortunately, I've now used all of these up, I still have unfinished posts but they've either got a lot more still to write, or I've plain lost interest in the topic.

I certainly feel like I've covered a fairly broad range of posts, from technical to business, personal and general advice. Sometimes they've been a bit of off the top of my head rambling, others have had a more defined point to make. The posts I've enjoyed writing the most have been when I've had a clear head, a bit of time and some fresh content I'm clear I want to write about. I've written a few late at night which has been a mixed bag, sometimes the quiet and lack of distractions has been helpful but others the pressure to get it finished so I can go to sleep has been annoying.

The content of my day seems to have a big impact on my writing too. Generally getting out and about inspires more fresh thinking than a day staring at emails and other documents in the office but sometimes the happenings of the day can be enough to trigger an opinion. Learning something new definitely helps encourage what to write about, not only is sharing that learning satisfying but helps cement the knowledge too. It also offers a future point of reference which can be handy.

The end is in sight and I'm determined to create a post for all 24 days and I hope to create some more valueable, less rambling posts with the final few!

If there's something you'd like my opinion on, let me know

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