Influencing change

By admin on 13/12/2016

Stop complaining, start doing

We all have to deal with situations we'd rather not face or handle outcomes that we didn't want (the political landscape of 2016 is certainly testament to that). But more often than not, we tend to start and stop at complaining.

Whilst there is certainly value to having a voice and expressing an opinion, simply venting your frustrations at others or on social media will likely have limited, if any impact on the situation. The next time you find yourself disgruntled by something, think about what actions you might be able to take to enact some form of change. No matter how seemingly small. You might not be able to outright "fix" the problem but you can almost always do something.

Even if you feel completely powerless, accept the situation for what it is and focus on the one thing you have absolute control over, your own actions.

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