Actions speak louder than words

By admin on 08/12/2016

Lessons learned from someone who talks a lot.

Many of us, consciously or otherwise, seek the recognition and appreciation of others. It's in our nature to want to be noticed and valued by our family, friends or peers. Over the years I've followed many influencers, thought-leaders, web-celebrities and the like with status and following.

I've also seen many people bitter and defensive about other people's successes (ashamedly myself included). "well, it's easy for them", "they were so lucky", "they haven't got a clue what they're talking about" are just some of the kinds of reactions people of note are subjected to by the perhaps less-listened-to voices of others.

The thing is, generally speaking, people who have such a platform and following, do so because they've built or achieved something pretty outstanding. As someone who does a lot of talking (it is sort of my job after all), a hard but valuable lesson is that to be heard, you're much better off doing something amazing than trying to convince people you're amazing.

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