Kinecthack London

By admin on 30/04/2015

I enjoy attending events, you get to learn new things, meet people, see other's work and more often than not be inspired to do more/better yourself.

I enjoy them so much so I want to share these benefits with others and so have organised a few events of my own along with some friends.

Back when Windows Phone was new myself and Scott organised a couple of Windows Phone mini-conferences that went down well. Myself and the crew from Etch decided we didn't want to always have to travel to attend hack days so started the formidable force that is hacksoton (rapidly approaching it's 6th event!). I lend a hand where possible with local creative gathering Soton Creatives and recently hosted a HTML5 gamedev workshop presented by game dev veteran Ian Ballantyne of Turbulenz/Wonderstruck.

I'm always thinking about the next thing I can put together for the benefit of satisfying my own insatiable desire for geeky fun and learning and hopefully creating something of interest for others too.

Kinecthack London

The most recent event I put together along with some help from my team at Moov2 and the excellent developer experience team at Microsoft UK was Kinecthack London. And it was a blinder!

The event was such good fun and we received some great feedback. Most rewarding for me though was the amazing projects people put together over the weekend. Particularly those who started the weekend having never used the Kinect before and ended up showing off their creations in the show-n-tell at the end. Check out the excellent videos put together by the awesome Starboard Media.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter if you're interested in coming along to any of my future gatherings.